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It is truly a shame that I don't have an evolutionary scholar on board. They could explain this to me. They could reduce this nightmare to something logical, manageable and academic. They might even enjoy this as a scientific anomaly. But I cannot do this. I am not a scholar. It doesn't take brains to do this job, it just takes a man with patience, someone willing to spend a few months alone at a time. That's what I'm here for.
I touched down on the planet nearly 18 hours ago, and stepped out with my usual vacuum-sealed attire and the biological meter. I think I had a feeling then that something was wrong, but I suppose it's easy imagine something like that looking back.
This was a job I'd done a thousand times.  The ship selects the potentially-infected planets and homes in on a specif sector or several for me to check. It's right 95 percent of the time. Normally of course I don't see anything, because when a self-replicating entity forms it tends to start very small, so tha
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An Exceptional Case
    As generations upon generations of men before him, John felt his mind wandering. The sterile, white hospital room remained, but it lost significance as he heard the old man's chuckle, quiet but completely clear in the back of his mind.
    “Well, I’d like to congratulate you, young man. A record like yours is not an easy thing to come by.” explained Saint Peter with an amused air.
    “A record like mine?” asked John who, like all dying men, was surprised to be unsurprised by the voice of the gatekeeper. “What’s so extraordinary about my record? I haven’t really haven’t done anything amazing, I’m really just an average guy.”
    “Yes, that’s it exactly! Your peculiarity is extreme of your average, my son. This is the first case of its kind since, yes, I’m sure, since Methuselah himself!”
    “I’m onl
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Guilty Parties: Prolouge
          And in that field, he saw a tree, and a man. The tree was old and worn, like himself, but the man was not. He was young, handsome even. His clothes we're plain, and overall he appeared unremarkable. But to the old man, the pain in his face was unmistakable. In a rare peak of curiosity, he went to the him and saw in his hands a halter of straw.
     “Go away.” said the man. “Leave me in peace, though I deserve none.”
     “Why, what guilt is it you bear? What is was your crime that you should deserve no peace?” he asked. It took along time for the young man to give an answer. What was his crime? A crime like no other that had ever been committed before. A betrayal unspeakable. How could he possibly communicate it to this stranger?
     “I killed a man.” said the broken man, eventually.
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The Pursuit of Granduer
Pilot Chapter – The Fool
     The end of the world was appealing to a lot of people. That was one of the things that Mr. Michael Stubs the Coordinating Assistant Editor of the New York office was most surprised to learn when he first started talking to the strange gentleman. Surely, he thought, if there were such people (other such people, he had begun to correct himself) they would be ashamed at their inability to be satisfied with existence, and would keep their heads down. And yet here were four standing beyond the frame of the doorway in the unassuming room on the 17th floor of the stately New York City lodge. He had just enough time to think that they didn't seem to be particularly outstanding people when the lean man hurried him into the room, frowning and clearly ruffled. Beyond the doorway, the gentleman was sitting comfortably in an uncomfortable looking armchair, ruffling a young woman's hair affectionately while she smiled up at him from
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At Long Last
     Surely, then, this would be enough. London lay in rubble at their feet, and Walter lay dead and discarded in the mass of bodies that stretched forever; not that she would have recognized him as he was in any case. It all seemed so utterly, undeniably perfect. Integra was walking toward him from the dilapidated zeppelin with the merest hints of sunrise glowing behind her. Her head was upright, her stride was confident and if not for the tears in her clothes and the blood on her gloves she could have seemed to all the world to be going about business as usual. But he knew better. No one but her servant could have seen the pain in her eyes, felt the exhaustion in her steps that threatened to bring her to her knees.
     But he smiled. She could not how close her salvation was, how soon he would let her rest, how soon he would give her all his strength and make her the master of his blood forever. It was so close, because surely, surel
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Mature content
An Uninviting Place :icongoblinbee:goblinbee 1 2
All That Glitters
"You want something more?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Well, yes." he was suddenly awkward. "I mean, I can't just go home now, as though nothing happened..."
"I thought that was what you wanted. 'I want to know,' you told me. Just to know, you keep your life, you keep your family, you go back and live within humanity. You're still part of them, but you know a truth that none of them understand. They wonder about what's out there, but you know. Wasn't that your life's wish? Wasn't that the one thing you needed to be satisfied with your existence?"
"But I can't do that...I can't know about this and just act like I don't. I mean this is, it's... it's the answer isn't it? This should change everything, life can never be the same once you know, can it? Can there really be no difference after something like this?"
She couldn't help but smile a little. It was so easy to hear the same words coming from herself on that quivering October night. Really, this seemed very much the same. The boy
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